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Rose 'n Honey & Custom Engraved Dipper

Rose 'n Honey & Personalised Dipper

Honeys of New Zealand
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 Perfect if you are looking for individual gifts for your loved ones or your customers and/or employees

Rose 'n Honey | 340g 

Streamland has taken one of the queens of the flower world – the beautiful rose and combined it with pasture honey.  That uniting of honey with natural rose essence has created a perfect addition to warm drinks. Rose ‘n honey is also great as a spread and provides a delicious “something special” in recipes.

Quality Custom Engraved Wooden Honey Dipper

Our personalised wooden dippers are very smooth and have a nice feel to the touch.

We are the only New Zealand specialised shop who sells custom engraved honey dipper. 

Each dipper will be engraved as per your request. Please use the custom text field to enter your name or the name you love or anything!  

For quantities, you can seperate each of your custom text by commas.
Each custom text has to be maximum 15 characters that fits nicely to our dipper.

We can also customise Corporate logos/domain upon request  

Size 16cm


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