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Manuka Honey For Skin

Benefits of Manuka honey for skin

Cosmetic benefits and effect on acne

Manuka honey can improve your skin's appearance. It can balance your skin's pH level and help slough away dead cell debris to keep your skin clean. Its anti-inflammatory effect can decrease local inflammation caused by acne. As an antibacterial, Manuka honey leaves fewer bacteria to infect pores and cause acne. This honey can heal existing pimples, as well. The low pH speeds up the healing of acne.

Healing properties

ResearchTrusted Source has reported the honey's various beneficial actions. For example, it destroys harmful bacteria. Because it contains hydrogen peroxide and compounds like methylglyoxal, Manuka honey is effective in killing pathogens, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Keeping the skin bacteria-free speeds up the healing process.

This honey is also a great emollient, meaning it softens the skin. Its high concentration of sugars can keep a wound or burn area moist. This can also accelerate healing.

What's more, Manuka honey reduces inflammation and pain at the wound site. It can also help with skin problems, such as psoriasis and dandruff.

How to use Manuka honey for acne

You can use it as a cleanser or a mask. Whichever way you decide to use it, remove any makeup first.

As a cleanser

Put a pea-sized amount of honey on your face. You can use a bit more or dilute it with a few water drops, if needed. ResearchTrusted Source has found that diluted Manuka honey still maintains its antibacterial properties. Massage the honey all over your face gently for a couple of minutes. Then, rinse your skin and pat dry.

As a mask

Mix the following into a paste:

  • ground oats
  • honey
  • lemon juice

Apply the mixture to your face, and leave it on for up to 15 minutes.You may instead use a mask of just honey alone, and leave it on your face for up to 30 minutes.

As a spot treatment

Apply a tiny amount of honey to a forming pimple. That's it. Leave it be and let the honey work its antibacterial magic.

Risk and Side effects

People allergic to honey should not use honey on their skin. People with allergies to pollen or bees should also avoid applying honey topically.

For people without none allergies, it is still important to test a small part of the skin before applying honey to larger areas of the body.

People should talk to their doctor before using honey for the treatment of skin conditions.