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Royal Jelly HDA 12 | 120 Capsules | Comvita

Royal Jelly 12-HDA | 120 capsules

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Royal Jelly 120 capsules is traditionally used as a nutritive supplement. Comvita® Royal Jelly contains 12mg 10-HDA per capsule, a naturally occurring fatty acid to support general wellbeing and graceful aging. 

  • Wellbeing - Take regularly to assist hormonal balance and support your body's metabolism.
  • Beauty - Maintain healthy skin and hair.
  • Health - Supports healthy cholesterol levels.

Suggested Dose
Adults take 1 capsule per day with food

Ingredients (per capsule):
Each capsule contains: Freeze dried Royal Jelly 200mg [equivalent to 600mg fresh Royal Jelly and 12mg 10-HDA (10-Hydroxy-2-decenoic acid)]. Encapsulating aids, antioxidant. Contains soya bean products.

Saftey Information
Not recommended for asthma or allergy sufferers due to risk of allergic reaction. Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.Do not use if cap seal is broken.